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Amazing service. Nate responded quickly and professionally. The report came back very thorough with detailed findings and suggestions of what should be done. I would recommend Right Way Home Inspection & Services to anyone I know that needs a home inspection.

Kim Lan

October 2023

Kim Lan

Nate performed a thorough home inspection for our property. Over 3000 sq ft was no easy feat! His service was reliable and he took the time to explain our house features and his findings during the inspection. Nate was great to work with. We now have our own go-to home inspector!​

Aric Coolbaugh

October 2023

Aric Coolbaugh

I am very pleased with Nate and the job and detail he went into. Will definitely use Nate and his company again for the next purchase. His report saved me from losing thousands on a home with a history of water issues. Thanks again, till next time.

Michael Jones

October 2023

Michael Jones
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About Tacoma

Tacoma: Where Urban Grit Meets Puget Sound Grace, Right Way Inspects!

Tacoma, Washington, pulsates with the energy of a city reborn. Nestled between majestic mountains and the shimmering waters of Puget Sound, it offers a tapestry of urban grit and coastal charm. But before you dive into this Pacific Northwest gem, let Right Way Home Inspections be your trusted guide. We’ll uncover the hidden stories beneath the surface, ensuring your investment thrives in this dynamic metropolis.

Unveiling Tacoma’s Layers and Potential Concerns

Beneath Tacoma’s vibrant facade lies a history etched in timber and steel. Right Way Home Inspections delves deeper, meticulously examining your property for potential concerns:

Maritime Whispers: The salty air and humid climate can lead to foundation issues, leaks, and wood rot. We’ll identify these risks and recommend solutions for a watertight haven.

Mountain Majesty, Roofing Woes: Tacoma’s steep roofs face the brunt of wind and rain. We’ll assess your roof’s integrity, ensuring it weathers every storm.

Seismic Symphony: Located in an earthquake zone, Tacoma requires attention to foundation stability. We’ll provide recommendations for optimal security and peace of mind.

Urban Echoes: From charming bungalows to century-old Victorians, Tacoma boasts diverse architecture. We’ll identify potential issues like outdated wiring, plumbing, or asbestos concerns.

Nature’s Symphony: The proximity to forests and Puget Sound attracts diverse wildlife, including woodpeckers, rodents, and even the occasional raccoon. We’ll offer tips for mitigating potential critter concerns.

Waterfront Wonders with Informed Inspections

Tacoma’s waterfront communities offer breathtaking views and a unique lifestyle. Right Way understands the nuances of coastal living, ensuring your investment is protected:

Floodplain Risks: We’ll assess your home’s location within the floodplain and recommend necessary flood mitigation measures.

Erosion’s Embrace: We’ll evaluate the risk of coastal erosion and recommend strategies for protecting your property.

Seawall Symphony: We’ll assess the condition of any existing seawalls and recommend repairs or replacements as needed.

Right Way: Your Tacoma Real Estate Partner

Whether you’re drawn to the waterfront vistas, the thriving arts scene, or the proximity to Mount Rainier, Right Way Home Inspections is your trusted partner in Tacoma. We offer comprehensive inspections tailored to the city’s unique makeup, giving you the confidence to invest wisely and live comfortably in this dynamic Pacific Northwest gem.

Contact us today and let Right Way Home Inspections guide you through your Tacoma home inspection. Uncover the possibilities, embrace peace of mind, and make your Tacoma dream a reality.

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