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We’re proud to serve our clients with the highest level of excellence and work hard to make sure their home inspection goes as smooth as possible.

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Amazing service. Nate responded quickly and professionally. The report came back very thorough with detailed findings and suggestions of what should be done. I would recommend Right Way Home Inspection & Services to anyone I know that needs a home inspection.

Kim Lan

October 2023

Kim Lan

Nate performed a thorough home inspection for our property. Over 3000 sq ft was no easy feat! His service was reliable and he took the time to explain our house features and his findings during the inspection. Nate was great to work with. We now have our own go-to home inspector!​

Aric Coolbaugh

October 2023

Aric Coolbaugh

I am very pleased with Nate and the job and detail he went into. Will definitely use Nate and his company again for the next purchase. His report saved me from losing thousands on a home with a history of water issues. Thanks again, till next time.

Michael Jones

October 2023

Michael Jones
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About Us

Nate Kilby and Right Way Home Inspections Welcome to Right Way Home Inspections, the trusted name in home inspection across Puget Sound and Southwest Washington. I am Nate Kilby, the heart and expertise behind our services, with a commitment that has flourished over nearly 8 years.

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About Silverdale

Silverdale: Where Puget Sound Charm Meets Right Way Home Inspections

Nestled on the Kitsap Peninsula, Silverdale, Washington, beckons with waterfront beauty and small-town warmth. But before you dive into this coastal gem, let Right Way Home Inspections be your trusted guide. We’ll navigate the hidden stories beneath the surface, ensuring your dream home thrives in this captivating corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Unveiling Silverdale’s Allure and Potential Concerns

Silverdale’s tapestry boasts stunning Puget Sound vistas, charming bungalows, and a vibrant community spirit. Yet, like any coastal masterpiece, it demands a discerning eye. Right Way Home Inspections goes beyond the surface, meticulously examining your property for potential concerns:

Water’s Embrace: The marine environment can lead to foundation issues, leaks, and wood rot. We’ll identify these risks and recommend solutions for a watertight haven.

Oceanic Symphony: From salty sea breezes to cozy winter fires, Silverdale’s seasons test your home’s resilience. We’ll assess heating, cooling systems, and roof integrity, ensuring your comfort through every tide.

Earth’s Whispers: Situated near earthquake zones, Silverdale requires attention to foundation stability and preparedness. We’ll provide recommendations for optimal security and peace of mind.

Nature’s Symphony: Nestled beside woodlands and the Puget Sound, Silverdale welcomes diverse wildlife. We’ll offer tips for mitigating potential pest and critter concerns.

Coastal Breezes and Potential Woes: The salty air and moisture can attract unwanted guests like termites and rodents. Right Way Home Inspections offers thorough pest inspections and effective solutions for a pest-free haven.

Waterfront Dreams with Informed Choices

Silverdale boasts a vibrant waterfront community, with stunning views and unique properties. Right Way Home Inspections understands the nuances of waterfront living, ensuring your investment is protected from potential flooding and erosion. We’ll assess seawalls, drainage systems, and potential storm risks, giving you the confidence to embrace the coastal lifestyle.

Right Way: Your Partner in Silverdale’s Real Estate Journey

Whether you’re drawn to the waterfront charm, the community spirit, or the proximity to outdoor adventures, Right Way Home Inspections is your trusted partner in Silverdale. We offer comprehensive inspections tailored to the city’s unique makeup, giving you the confidence to invest wisely and live serenely in this captivating coastal haven.

Contact us today and let Right Way Home Inspections guide you through your Silverdale home inspection. Uncover the possibilities, embrace peace of mind, and make your Silverdale dream a reality.

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Silverdale’s Coastal Allure & Home Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Sellers Know Before a Home Inspection?

1 –

Remove your Pets

Time and time again, Right way Home Inspection Services’ inspectors are faced with barking dogs, uncooperative cats or worse when they arrive at a home inspection. Ideally, all sellers should remove their pets from the home prior to an inspection. While a caged lizard or fish tank can stay, having to negotiate a pet during an inspection can be challenging for the inspectors and discouraging for buyers. This is the buyer’s opportunity to really go through the house very carefully. If they are not able to access a room because a pet is close in it or the barking dog prevents an inspection of the backyard, it could cause issues with the sale.
During the home inspection, taking your pets out of the home is recommended.

2 –

Declutter your home

Many sellers have already removed personal items at the recommendation of their real estate agent prior to listing. However, if your home has an abundance of furniture or clutter still around, this can hinder inspectors when they access outlets, electrical panels and appliances. Clear the clutter from counters and floors to ensure access to essential areas.

What Should Buyers Know Before a Home Inspection? Issues will be found

1 –

The home WILL have problems

Even new construction homes can have things that need addressing he says. That’s the purpose of the inspection. So, don’t get tense when the inspector finds issues. It’s to be expected. And, be glad that these items, big or small, are being discovered before the house is officially yours.

2 –

Almost anything can be fixed

Whether the list of issue on the inspection is long or short with challenges major or minor, everything can be fixed. It’s just a matter of how much a buyer is willing to take on in their new home and how much the seller can reasonably address in their seven day window post-inspection. Even the most challenging issues we find - wiring problems, failing roofs, foundation issues - can be fixed. It’s just a matter of how much the seller is willing to fix and what the buyer is willing to assume responsibility for

3 –

Water is kind of a big deal

We do live in the Pacific Northwest and it’s wet. If water damage is noted in the inspection, it’s typically something to take seriously. Investigate further to discover if the damage is extensive or surface. Sometimes, a small water spot on the interior can indicate a much larger issue underneath. Be sure to consult a professional if you have any concerns about water damage after an inspection.

4 –

Home inspectors cannot predict the future

We are tasked with assessing the home as it is on the day of the inspection. We can’t tell you how long an appliance will last or if there might be a leak in the roof in the future - we aren’t fortune tellers. However, with years of expertise under my belt, Right Way Home Inspections can give buyers a lot of background information and share their knowledge about construction, home systems and more. We are happy to answer questions for buyers and encourage them to follow us throughout the inspection so we can explain things as we go. We just can’t tell them what might happen in six months or a year from now

Should I have my home inspected Annually?

1 –

Annual Home Inspections are Valuable

We always recommend that you or a professional home inspector conduct a comprehensive home inspection annually. Annual Home Inspections are important for protecting and preserving the overall value and integrity of the structure.

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